4WD Tour Preparation Course

Kev Williams (Director Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education) always welcomes the opportunity to discuss or assist with a group tour.

Lamberts Centre of Australia

This Course is designed for you to gain knowledge and skill in the area of Trip Preparation. It will also provide the confidence to your passengers and convoy so that all tour participants can enjoy the trip and will look forward to the next adventure.

This Course offers instruction and discussions in trip preparation. We will discuss emergency preparation with the emphasis issues facing 4WD enthusiasts when planning an expedition into remote areas.

It will include where to go, what to take, how to load it.

Communications needs will be addressed as they may at some stage prove to be a ‘lifeline’!

Undertaking a responsible approach to owning and/or operating a 4WD, for your own recreational adventures exploring South-East Queensland, venturing to Cape York or traversing the Simpson Desert or just taking the occasional one day outing – enrolling in this Course may save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars !!!

This course includes:

  • Trip planning
  • Equipment selection
  • Vehicle preparation & loading
  • Communications
  • Camp site selection & emergency shelter, food & water
  • Camp health & safety
  • Vehicle repairs