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Spare Tyre

Don’t forget that spare tyre Tyres under slung or over hung A spare is a basic necessity for any motor vehicle travel no matter what the distance intended. However when we venture out in our modern multi axle vehicle exploring the remote and “uncharted” beach and bush areas we may soon come to realise just […]

Winches ~ Which One

There are three main types of power winches that are available on the 4WD market today. The one we see very little of these days but was the first power winch to appear on the market, is a PTO winch (Power Take Off). The letter PTO describes the power source which is taken from the […]

Using Hayman Reese Tow Bar

Reference: Discussions with representatives at Hayman Reese & Australian 4WD  Hayman Reese and Australian 4WD do not endorse using the towbar as a recovery point.  That said, it doesn’t say you can’t either. It was pointed out by one of the representatives that Hayman Reese don’t endorse, nor will they ever, the use of a […]

Snatch Strap

Successful use of a snatch strap is not measured by how few times the attempts are made but by how safe the successful attempts are conducted. To reduce the force required to unstick a vehicle all wheels should have an exit ramp made in the direction of the intended extraction.  Remove as much of the […]

Recovery Straps

Safety standard for motor vehicle recovery straps Reference: Fair Trading Regulation 2001 – Reprinted as in force on 1 July 2008 1 Packaging marking (1) The packaging for a motor vehicle recovery strap must display the following information about the strap in English and in a way that is clearly visible and legible, including, for […]

Australian 4WD Convoy Procedures

The purpose of traveling in convoy is to improve your safety in transit. Traveling in a group will always be safer than traveling on your own. However as a group of individuals we need some guidelines to follow so that we are able to expect standard responses to common situations. 4wd convoy procedures are a […]

Vehicle Preparation For Your Next 4WD Trip

Vehicle preparation is a very important function of trip preparation and should be taken very seriously. We have listed below some suggestions, as we believe are necessary but advise that there may be many more items that require your attention if your vehicle is more than 12 months and or has more than 60,000 km. […]


Do you use a GPS When should you use latitude and longitude or grid references for position fixes?  Have you ever wondered what all those numbers and letters mean?  Read on. A GPS is a magic tool to help you find your position on earth or to help you navigate your way around the bush. […]

Towing Safely

Are you heading away for that trip of a lifetime or travelling on holidays with your caravan in tow? If so just take a moment to reflect on your plans to travel on the long awaited holiday destination. We often get so tied up with what we need to pack, what we need to take […]

Crash-Free Driving

Check-out our Defensive Driving Program Crash-free driving is a mind set and driving method. Crash-free drivers main goal, every time they drive, is to arrive at their destination crash or incident free. A crash-free driver manages their driving so nothing conflicts with or compromises this goal. It may require them to use tremendous will power, be […]

Recommended 4WD Tour Equipment

Expect the unexpected and be prepared for it. The following Suggested “ 4WD Tour Equipment & Spares ” is a guide and you are not required to carry all equipment or spares listed.  This is provided as a reference to support your pre-trip preparation and for your information to expect the unexpected and be prepared […]

What is Defensive Driving?

Check-out our Defensive Driving Program Realisation and Adherence: We often forget that the vehicle is just a machine and driving it requires the driver’s complete concentration on the road. Any lapse of concentration can lead to a major incident causing the loss of many lives. People driving motor vehicles need to be responsible and alert […]

Road Courtesy and Driver Attitude

Check-out our Defensive Driving Program Research has shown that human factors play a contributory role in 95% of crashes and were the sole cause of 65% of crashes. Safe or low risk defensive driving should not be confused with legal driving. Legal Responsibility: Drivers are required to drive in a manner that maintains safety of […]

Driving Conditions

4WD High Range and Driving Conditions Drive To The Road Conditions. Be in the correct place on the road, have the right speed for the conditions and the correct gear for that speed. (Consider 4H for driving on unsealed roads. It gives you far more control over the vehicle especially on corners. But remember to […]

Water Crossing

Water Crossing Crossing a body of water is not something one does by choice in their 4WD but such a situation may arise. With a clear understanding that this course of travel may be necessary, all water crossings deserve more than a cursory glance Attitude While the water’s surface may look calm, you may find […]


The argument for selection of 2WD vs 4WD, has gone on for some time with manufacturers and drivers alike.  There are many facets to the argument namely cornering, braking and general surface traction. Cornering In a corner, acceleration will direct pressure (weight) to the back of the vehicle relatively evenly. This allows the steering to […]

Six Driving Conditions (Road Conditions)

Most drivers criticise or lay blame for poor road conditions, however of the 100s or tens of 1000s of drivers each day who drive along particular parts of the road, on average 99.9% of them make it safely. If the roads are dangerous why doesn’t everyone crash? ROAD The shape of the road, where is […]