Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education


Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education are excited to announce the arrival of our Driver Simulator.

driver training simulator brisbane

4wd course gift certificateFirst 60 minutes, $50.00.

$20.00 for next 30 minutes.

The Driving Simulator will be available for Pre-learner drivers, learner drivers, schools and corporate driver training.

Our Driver Simulator caters for both Manual and Automatic driving modes.

We fully encourage and welcome Parents to be part of their teenagers driver training.

Simulators can teach:

Starting Procedures

Correct use of pedals

Gear Changing (H-pattern gear selector and paddle-shift)Hill starts (real handbrake fitted)

Brake Application

Steering Techniques

Procedures for driving (system of car control, lane position, changing lanes, leaving a parking spot, merging, roundabouts, dealing with traffic, cornering)

Scanning and Hazard Perception