Forklift Course Coming Soon

Australian 4WD and Advanced Driver Education are committed to assist industries, companies and businesses to eliminate or minimise the risk of fatalities, injuries and incidents arising from the use of a Forklift Truck.

Our Forklift Truck course is designed to develop course participants skills and confidents, however will not only provide  seeks to improve health and safety outcomes in Australian workplaces by offering businesses and employees practical guidance on managing risks related to forklifts.

Even at low speeds, forklifts can cause serious injuries and fatalities. It’s not just the employee using the forklift who can be injured; pedestrians can be crushed against a wall or an object or another vehicle. Don’t wait until there’s an injury or death at your workplace before developing a safe system of work to control risks.

5 options are:

3 Day Training & Licence Assessment (LF)

TLILIC2001 – 3 Day Forklift Training & Licence Course (LF)

A4ADE aims to give participants hands on practical skills and knowledge in the safe and efficient operation of a counter-balance forklift.

This course is ideal for beginners or someone about to start a forklift driving career. It is a full time training course that allows operators to sit for their forklift licence assessment on the final day (day 3).

Learners  must be 18 years of age or older and comply with all WorkSafe requirements.

License to Operate a Forklift Course requires the operator to be able to plan the work, conduct routine checks, shift loads in a safe manner, shut down procedures and secure the equipment after the completion of operations.

This unit is based on the National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work and covers the following elements.

Plan work

  1. Potential workplace hazards are identified
  2. Hazard control measures are identified consistent with appropriate standards to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment
  3. Appropriate forklift truck is selected according to the load and workplace conditions
  4. Working area is inspected to determine appropriate path of movement for loads and forklift truck
  5. Communication methods are identified according to procedures

Conduct routine checks

  1. Forklift is visually checked for any damage or defects
  2. All signage and labels are visible and legible according to the appropriate standard
  3. All controls are located and identified
  4. Pre-start operational checks are carried out according to procedures
  5. Forklift is started according to procedures and checked for any abnormal noise
  6. Post-start operational checks are carried out according to procedures
  7. All forklift functions and safety devices are tested to their maximum according to procedures
  8. Defects and damage are reported and recorded according to procedures, and appropriate action is taken

Shift load

  1. The weight of load is assessed to ensure compliance with forklift truck data plate specifications
  2. Appropriate hazard prevention/control measures are implemented and communicated with personnel in the work area
  3. Forklift is operated at a safe speed and according to procedures
  4. Loads are moved and placed to ensure stability of material and avoidance of hazards
  5. Load movement is monitored constantly ensuring safety to personnel and load, and structural stability
  6. Unplanned and/or unsafe situations are responded to in line with procedures

Shut down and secure forklift truck

  1. Forklift truck is parked to avoid hazards
  2. Forklift is shut down according to procedures
  3. Routine post-operational forklift checks are carried out according to procedures
  4. Forklift is secured to prevent unauthorised access/use
  5. All defects and damage are reported and recorded according to procedures, and appropriate action is taken

** If you have completed a course with A4ADE and a reassessment is required there is a fee payable of $150.00.

2 Day Theory Forklift Operator Course + Assessment Day (LF)

This course is best suited to businesses or people who cannot afford to be away from the workplace for long periods of time. A4ADE will provide a full day of formal training covering all aspects of the competency then return the Learner(s) to work to continue their studies and operate under the supervision of other licenced drivers.

Course content Includes Day 1

• Forklift operation theory

• WHS Legislation and use of PPE

• Pre and post operation checks

• Practical driving in the warehouse

• Completing your training record & logbook

• Written Licence test

• Practical Licence test

• Issuance of Statement of Attainment

• Government Licence fee is $82.50 – Valid for 5 years.

All Learners will receive A4ADE comprehensive Forklift Operator Handbook and study guide and logbook.

** If you have completed a course with us and a reassessment is required there is a fee payable of $150.00.

Forklift Licence Assessment (LF)

Under the current legislation, Forklift Licence Assessment can only be conducted after the Learner has completed formal training with A4ADE and informal training either at work or with A4ADE. Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education  offers Learners a full 90 days to complete their informal training.

Requirements for Forklift Assessment only are:

• Applicants must have a current training plan from A4ADE.

• Applicants must have a current up to date learner’s logbook.

• Applicants must be over 18 years old.

• Applicants must be able to show Photo ID.

At the conclusion of a successful assessment Learners will be provided with an interim authority to operate a forklift, this is valid for 14 days in which time A4ADE will issue your Statement of Attainment. 

You will need to lodge your assessment documentation with Australia Post, pay a licence fee of $82.50 to allow the issuance of your five year photo ID licence.

General Information about the Forklift Licence – Theory and Practical Assessments

Theory Assessment Facts:

1. The written assessment is 66 questions.

2. It is a closed book written assessment.

3. All answers require a written response in English.

4. The maximum allowable time is 2 hours.

5. A 100% pass mark is required for competency.

Practical Assessment Facts:

1. The student must conduct a detailed pre operation check

2. Identify hazards within the work area

3. Plan work

4. Shift a series of loads by racking or stacking to the National Load Shifting Standard

5. Demonstrate good safe operations at all times

6. Correct parking and shutdown procedure

Getting your Forklift Licence

If you need a forklift licence we offer courses each week for new operators or experienced operators. The process involves being able to pass a written and practical test. If you successfully get your licence you will be able to drive a forklift legally anywhere in Australia.

** If you have completed a course with us and a reassessment is required there is a fee payable of $150.00.

Forklift Refresher Courses On-Site Or At Our Training Centre

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland recommend regular refresher training in their guide to employers to reduce the risk for forklift operations.

Forklift Refresher Courses are a must for any safety conscious organisation who wants to keep their workers up to date. Like any other machinery used in your workplace, as you update your equipment you should also provide forklift or order picker/stock picker refresher training for your operators.

Have you had any forklift Incidents or Near Misses, within your workplace.

Regulations regarding forklifts and order pickers are continually being updated but unfortunately not many driver operators check with WorkCover regularly to find out these changes. 

Forklift operators also pick up many bad habits over the years while driving, this could cost your company thousands in compensation and insurance fee’s , due to damages to structures, forklifts and injuries or fatalities to employees.

All licenced Forklift operators should undergo regular refresher training. It keeps them informed of all the new changes regarding updated regulations and site safety whilst also helping to re-enforce and correct poor driving and working routines. This is the most cost effective way of supporting your Duty of Care Responsibilities regarding training, all operators attending our courses will be updated on all the new and most current workcover legislation implemented since their original licence testing. (In some cases this could be many years)

Group Bookings will be discounted on numbers enrolled.

Refresher courses can be conducted at your worksite or at our training facility.  

Operator skills will be evaluated to meet the regulatory training requirements.  

Recommendation: 8 hours training for new operators; 4 hours training for refresher classes and experienced operators depending on numbers.

$350.00 + GST per session, discount applies for group bookings.

The 3 hour theory and practical session covers:

• Laws, rules and regulations

• Hazard identification and reporting

• Accident and incident reporting

• Correct interpretation of data plate information

• Determining rated capacity

• Forklift stability

• Safe operational techniques

• Different types of loads

• Parking and security procedures

• Being a professional operator

• Conduct pre operation checks

• How to conduct an effective site

• Correct load shifting techniques

Verification of Competency

Do you have an existing qualification or statement of attainment that needs to be verified?

Does your employer require you to demonstrate your competency operating a forklift or order picker? Under recent changes, Australian and offshore health and safety legislation now requires employers to ensure employees are competent in equipment operation and the tasks to be performed. 

Therefore an employer can no longer ‘assume an employee is competent’ from a given licence or qualification.

As a result a ‘Verification of Competence’ (VOC) assessment is available through A4ADE to complete your contractual and pre employment competency checks.

A4ADE can verify competencies for Licence Operate Forklift Truck. Our VOC’s are derived from Nationally Recognised units of competency, WorkCover Queensland, Australian Standards, Manufacturer’s Manuals, Legislation and company procedures.

Who needs VOC Assessments?

Those who are starting a new position or changing sites that need to prove competency.


$375 per person. Discount applies for group bookings.


2 Hour Forklift Refresher Course is theory only.

4 Hour Forklift Refresher Course includes theory and practical. 


Candidates must hold the relevant competency or High Risk Licence being verified.

Completion Award

Once verified, candidates will receive a verification of competency record. Where applicable, company representatives will also receive a copy.