A focus on Excellence, Professionalism & Crash-Free Learner Driving techniques.  

Please Note: Queensland Leaner Driver Education (QLDE) is a part of Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education (A4ADE).

Queensland Learner Driver Education

The training experience, industry knowledge and expertise of our team, is beyond comparison ~ Guaranteed ~

QLDE driver trainers have extensive knowledge, experience and qualifications to be training and working with young adults and international people.

QLDE guarantee that our driver trainers’ skills, knowledge and the practicality of our driver training courses are superior to our counterparts, providing a positive, enjoyable and educational experience. 

We acknowledge, understand and respect that everyone has different levels of confidence, skills and experience driving a vehicle.  We know how to tailor the driver training experience to each individual, which includes the necessary skills to be an effective crash free driver, whilst progressively building on the drivers confidence to pass their driving test.

Crash free driving is a mind set and driving method.  Crash free drivers main goal, every time they drive, is to arrive at their destination without crashing, near misses or having an unpleasant driving incident along the way.

A crash free driver manages their driving so nothing conflicts with or compromises this goal.  It may require them to use tremendous will power, be humble, tolerant and be calm when it may feel better to be angry.

QLDE have provided a number of driver training package to suit your personal needs.

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