Operate Light Vehicle – BMA Mine Specific Advanced Driver Training

BMA Mine Light Vehicle CourseAustralian 4WD has developed a two day mining specific advanced driver training program that meets mine site requirements to Operate Light Vehicle and interacting with heavy vehicles on open cut mine site.  The two day program incorporates three of our most popular courses from the Transport and Distribution & Mining competency.

The responsibility of all drivers of a light vehicle is to drive in such a way as to prevent being involved in an accident regardless of the action of other drivers or adverse driving conditions.

Australian 4WD and Advanced Driver Education are committed to assist mining companies, contractors and visitors to eliminate or minimise the risk of fatalities, injuries and incidents arising from the use of vehicles by defining the requirements for operating and travelling in vehicles on the mine site and on public and private roads used to access the mine sites. Avoiding accidents and unnecessary vehicle repairs will affect the ability of each mine site and contractors to meet their targets.

A light vehicle is classified as: under 4.5 tonnes and includes those with provision to carry up to 12 people.  Sedans, Station Wagons, Utilities (2 & 4 Wheel Drive), 4 Wheel Drive Sedans, Vans and Mini Buses.

Light vehicles have been involved in a significant proportion of fatal and high potential incidents. Identified causes and contributing factors include:

    • driver fatigue
    • risk taking behaviour
    • driver experience / competency
    • driver distraction
    • inappropriate speed an/or not driving for the conditions
    • vehicle stability and serviceability
    • Vehicle condition (tyres, brakes, etc.)
    • alcohol and drugs
    • poor visibility
    • light vehicle interaction with heavy vehicles, mobile equipment, plant and pedestrians

BMA Mine Specific Operate Light Vehicle


Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education have provided advanced driver-training (Black Coal light vehicle – mining) to staff and contractors of BMA, Anglo Coal and Rio Tinto.

Our Trainers have completed the BMAG Induction Course and undergone a coal board medical.

Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education are familiar with mine site Standard Operating Procedure: “Safe Operation and Movement of Vehicles” and Fatal Risk Control Protocol -requirements for Light Vehicles.  These procedures are covered (in addition to the national course competencies) in all driver training provided to those who will potentially access and work on BMA sites.

Description: This course covers the operation of light vehicles (up to 4.5 tonnes GVM) including the starting, driving and stopping and the conduct of operator checks and actions.

RIIVEH201D Operate Light Vehicle Course is conducted in accordance with the Competency for Standard: RII09 Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package.

Teaching elements:

Plan and prepare for operations
Obtain, interpret and clarify/confirm work requirements and details before proceeding.
Access,interpret and apply geological and survey data required to complete the allocated work IAW site procedures.
Access and apply safety information and procedures throughout the work.

Operate light vehicle
Coordination activities with others at the site prior to commencement of, and during, the work activity.
Pre-start, start-up, park-up and shut-down procedures IAW manufacturer and/or site procedures.
Operate ancillary attachments to the light vehicle IAW manufacturer instructions and site procedures.
Operate light vehicle with or without ancillary attachments IAW manufacturer instructions and site procedures.
Load/unload materials to be carried, or embark/disembark personnel safely IAW manager’s rules.
Recognise and respond to hazardous and emergency situations IAW manufacturer instructions and site procedures.
Complete work in accordance with the agreed plan and outcomes and within the operating capacity of the light vehicle.

Carry out operator maintenance
Carry out equipment inspections and fault finding in accordance with manufacturer instructions and site requirements.
Carry out routine operational servicing, lubrication and housekeeping tasks in accordance with manufacturer instructions and site authorised procedures and practices.
Carry out minor maintenance to manufacturer instructions and site requirements.
Process records in accordance with site requirements.

Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education endeavours to develop a training course, in-keeping with the terrain and to meet the training needs of the client and their employees.  We also have a number of training areas throughout Queensland and NSW which can be utilised to conduct the training.

On-Site Training: Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education specialise in the design and implementation of client specific and site specific driver training and education. All courses are portable allowing staff to be trained in locations familiar to their day-to-day use of 4WD and other light vehicles and can be delivered to ensure minimal disruption to shift routine.

Make Specific Course: Every client has a specific and individual need. Our “make-specific” courses are structured to suit individual requirements.  A Needs Analysis is conducted to define the requirements and refine course content to ensure that the training plan suits the specific requirements of the Employer and their staff.  Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education are specialists in on and off road Defensive Driver Training and are able to design, develop and conduct “make-specific” courses.

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