Australian 4WD Training ObjectivesAim and Objective

The aim of Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education courses is to:

  1. Reduce Risk in being involved in a vehicle incident.
  2. Combine mechanical understanding.
  3. Correct driving practices. and
  4. Environmental appreciation.

Our approach to deliver driver training, that has emphasis placed on the Workplace Health, Safety and well being of the driver and their vehicle, teaching skills and attributes that are:
  1. Applicable in the day-to-day environment in which people work, and
  2. Contribute significantly to enhancing and maintain safety standards.

A4ADE provides:
  1. A specific tailored Program to suit the needs of the Client;
  2. A structured learning program that is competency based, flexible and recognises pre-existing skills of all trainees;
  3. A detailed instruction of how to “Understand Environmental Impact”;
  4. A progressive introduction to the mechanical workings of a four-wheel drive and All Wheel Drive vehicle drive train and how that applies to driving off road;
  5. Both theoretical and practical training to trainees engaged in four wheel drive off road driving including;
  6. Obstacle identification,
  7. Accident prevention,
  8. Safety procedures around four wheel drive vehicles,
  9. Detailed instruction on the care, maintenance and the use of four wheel drive recovery equipment, including total vehicle recovery, and
  10. Detailed instruction on defensive driving in off road conditions.


Upon successful completion of an Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education course, the trainee will have the knowledge, skills and attributes required to drive a vehicle effectively and safely. The trainee will also be able to demonstrate the appropriate responsibilities of a driver of a vehicle with emphasis on obstacle identification, accident prevention, driver responsibility and safety procedures.

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