The Team:

Australian 4WD and Advanced Driver Training Team

Facilitator experience

All staff at A4ADE are aware of, support and understand the values of many companies and orgnisations, including the ethos and values. A4ADE staff have extensive training experience with most staff having extensive service in the transport filed in the military including overseas operational deployments and other trainers having served within the British and QLD Police Services.

A4ADE Trainers are well qualified and experienced in the field of training and leadership. We believe experience is something that is gained over many years and developed by dealing with many and varied situations. Our trainers have over 25 years experience each in the driver-training field. They have not only had experience of Defensive Driving and 4WD but a range of off road vehicles and have gained this experience from dealing with “real” situations in varying and dangerous environments and conditions. They also have expert technical and training skills, which they have earned awards for their training contribution.

A4ADE trainers have extensive experience working with the Transport Training System and have sat on many Military Training Boards of Study, consulted and prepared SOPs on Driver Behaviour, 4WD and Advanced Recovery (light, medium and heavy vehicles.

A4ADE trainers have experience in planning and conducting specific driver training on sites.

A4ADE courses undergo regular review by our very experience, highly professional and well-qualified Trainer Developers (TD). Our trainers are assessed regularly in relation to their training and assessment skills and to ensure recency of experience and practice in the subject area.

Australian 4WD Driver Trainers are very familiar with and incorporate the Standards of Operations, Policies and Procedures for operating light vehicles on sites, as follows

Land transportation of Oil & Gas Producers
SANTOS, BG, Epic Energy Origin – Operate Light Vehicle in the Field,
BMA, Anglo Coal and Rio Tinto – Operate Light vehicle on open cut mine sites, and
Many communications and constructions company’s SOP

A4ADE Trainers

A4ADE trainers have extensive advanced driver training experience in the military environment, police services, transport industry and driving in remote and dangerous situations The trainers are employed by Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education, not contractors. In addition, they have sat on many boards of studies to include developing, assessing, reviewing and improving course programs and companies SOPs – Operate Light Vehicle.