Two thumbs up. One of Australia’s best trainer. Keep up the good job. A dedicated and knowledgeable speaker.

The best induction I ever attended. I learned a lot and overcame my nerves. A must for all geologist using manual 4WD.

Excellent. Our trainers have an excellent approach to teaching, very encouraging which was very helpful.

Excellent improved my skills – our trainer was v/good very open learning style made question asking welcome and easy.

I thought the course was very thorough and got a lot out of it.  All questions were always answered professionally.

Excellent – I could not praise our trainer enough.  He made me realise what speed can do. I know so much more about my vehicle and its abilities. Thank you Australian 4WD.  I would recommend this course to anyone.

Very well Structured course. Delivered well and focusing on the trainee’s level of knowledge and then building on that.

Thank you for a great time and allowing me to build confidence.  I learnt things I thought I wasn’t capable of and exactly what my vehicle was capable of.

Excellent – our trainers were an excellent – patient and supportive. They encouraged participants to each person’s/vehicle capability – very understanding.

Excellent this was my third 4WD training course and I must be honest that I have learnt more today than I did from the previously two companies.  Both presenters were very knowledgeable about all aspects on driving, friendly and ready to offer advice, guidance and encouragement.  Thanks

Great Course, full of knowledge, everything you need to know and gives you confidence.

Excellent theoretical and practical components to the course- appropriated time and terrain for training.

Very well presented.  our trainers let the participants “just do it” and was not in your face about it when you made mistakes.

I totally enjoyed the two days and would recommend it to anyone.

Good course, gives you a lot to think about with your day-to-day driving

Course was great.  Covered technical aspects of 4WDriving and practical components such as negotiating steep hills and mud pools.

Doing these courses gives me more confidence on road and I learnt a lot of things about driving with alertness.

Very knowledgeable and humorous trainers.

Difficult to improve upon excellent format.

It was a good experience and helped my confidence with driving, braking and learning how to get out of bad Situation.

Good experience, built confidence in driving a 4WD in terrain, but also outlined possible accidents and risk.

The course was very good and our trainer was able to adapt for the not so skilled to the fully skilled of the group.

The course was very good and the trainers were able to adapt for the not so skilled to the fully skilled of the group.

I enjoyed the course very much and learnt a lot about vehicle safety, off road driving and mechanics.

The course was well conducted.  Provided a clear knowledge of the capability of the vehicle and how to handle it.

Great course, in that I have learnt a lot of things I was unaware of, very good communicators/presenters.

Fun and informative – learnt a lot in relation to the operation of 4WD and use of recovery gear which have not been allowed to use before.

Good course with very practical outcomes that will stay with me throughout my driving life.

The trainers knows their stuff and is very helpful and respectful of different viewpoints.

Great Course really showed us the capabilities of our car & pushed us to try things we might not have felt competent to do alone.

Course has been very much beneficial to me in terms of practical demonstrations of the 4WD and I have been greatly enriched.

Great introduction to 4WD, came away with a real sense of achievement and appreciation of my limits.   What more can you ask for on a course.

Very Professional – Informative training session.

Training was good; the trainer was able to cater for a varied experience in the group.

Great course our trainer is a great demonstrator and very knowledgeable of all aspect about off road driving.

Instructor was very knowledgeable and understanding of differing needs of participants.

Being a trainer I am very hard to impress but you guys do a great job.

We had a really enjoyable time on the low range bush course yesterday. The trainers were great and the course was very informative and a lot of fun. Thank you very much for the complimentary voucher. Look forward to booking with you again in the new year