4WD Sand Course


Please Note:

1. The recreational Sand Course is delivered as part of our 4WD Training Weekend – Bush, Sand & Advanced Recovery. Click on the following link, for more information.  https://australian4wd.com.au/4wd-low-range-bush-course/

2. This stand-alone Sand Course that can be delivered to group bookings of 4 or more participants.

Our trainers have the skills and confidence to ensure that your training experience driving on sand is as realistic and challenging, as we can. We do not take the easy options.

A4ADE Trainers are well qualified, experience and confident driving on  sand condition in extreme and remote conditions, such as

  • 8 years leading 4WD tag along tours through the Simpson Desert, Canning Stock Route, Cape York, Kimberley.
  • Not only for 4WD light vehicles, but we have successfully conducted our sand course with fire/water trucks (6 -12t), military vehicles (4 – 24t), camper-trailers (for touring groups) and boat trailers (Company Specifics).
  • Australia and Overseas Military desert operations.

We guarantee that our trainers skills and knowledge and our practical 4WD sand training program is superior to our counterparts.  This guarantee is supported from feedback from past course participants who have undertake a range of courses with other organisations who have confirmed that our courses are tailored to the industry and environment in which people are operating in and with emphasis placed on the practical driving.

When travelling off road in your 4WD vehicle in sand, on beaches or just through the wilderness of the Australian outback, safety and sand combine to provide a wonderful 4WDing experience.

Travelling in sand can be dangerous—the risk of being bogged on your own on a beach with an incoming tide or the possibility of a roll over from an ill-fated  attempt to ascend a dune or sand hill or an accident with another vehicle. All of these situations are controllable and avoidable by you, the driver.  A responsible attitude will enhance your enjoyment of any adventure – not destroy it!  For less than the cost of a replacement tyre, a Australian 4WD Sand Course may well be one of the best investments that you will ever make.

This Australian 4WD Driver Training Course will provide you with the opportunity to tackle a variety of different and challenging sand obstacles in a safe supervised environment.  This Course will further provide you with the personal confidence in your own ability and the capability of your vehicle.  For the experienced driver, the course will provide the opportunity to enhance your driving skills and develop greater confidence, enabling you to cope with varying conditions.

Focusing on systematic sand driving techniques, this Sand Specific Course  will enable you to pass through obstacles with greater control whilst providing more safety and comfort for your passengers with the use of not only the correct sand driving techniques but also the right vehicle maintenance will save you money and inconvenience.


Drive a 4WD vehicle in sand terrain using advanced techniques deals with the advanced skills and knowledge required to use appropriate range, gear and techniques to drive a four wheel drive vehicle through and on sand terrain.


The aim of this course is to familarise drivers of the key features, capabilities and limitations of their off road capable vehicle whilst developing a clear understanding of the correct and safe use of a 4WD vehicle in sand terrain, where protection of their passengers, the vehicle and the environment, can be  demonstrated.

Teaching Elements

Theory (incorporated within the practical exercises)

  • Advice on equipping your vehicle for Sand Driving,
  • Beach Driving Rules, Environmental Impact,
  • Sand Appreciation,
  • Sand Recovery equipment including safe use of a snatch strap and Maxtrax.


  • Preparing and checking a 4WD vehicle for sand driving,
  • Sand driving techniques,
  • Ground appreciation and wheel printing,
  • Tyres and tyre pressures,
  • Recovery techniques in sand without recovery equipment
  • Correct and safe use of a snatch strap & Maxtrax


  • Practical Sand driving 4WD high, ESP on and ESP off.  
  • We will start at high tyre pressures… You will be surprised.  Not every day we need to air down. 
  • Advantages and disadvantages of lowering tyre pressures.
  • Conduct 4WD low range at normal tyre pressures and lower pressures to our recommended start pressures.
  • Practical Sand driving 4WD Low Range.
  • Driving slalom activity.
  • Difficulties for driving on sand and Why vehicles get stuck. 
    1. Rolling resistance, 2. Turning in sand, 3. Gradients, 4. tyre pressures.
  • 2nd start and differences second/third gear.
  • Recovery techniques without recovery equipment.
  • Correct and safe use of a snatch strap & Maxtrax (We have developed our own Standards).

Please Note Permit Requirements

We have been advised from NPSR of the following:  all vehicles  participating in your training activities in the recreation area will now be required to obtain a relevant vehicle activity permit.    Prior to this point  our commercial operators permit and a daily use fee paid by us, has covered the cost of your vehicle access to Bribie Island to participate in our training.

As such  we will now require you to purchase a vehicle access permit for your vehicle in order to take part in this training.  These are  at a cost of $40.35.  These can be ordered on line at http://parks.npsr.qld.gov.au.

You will need to purchase you permit prior to arriving for the course at 7.15am as unfortunately there is insufficient time for you to purchase a permit on the morning of the course.

Is my vehicle suitable?

All vehicles with a lockable Transfer Case that can achieve low range and a high ground clearance are ideal for this course.  This course will greatly enhance your skill and ability, thus ensuring full maximum enjoyment in your recreational vehicle.

What happens on the day?

Times:     7.15 am to 11.30 am approx.  This entire course is practical “driving” in a sand specific environment. Following completion of the course you can spend the remainder of the day 4WDing on the beach. This will reinforce the skills acquired in the Sand Course.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your own 4WD with a full tank of fuel and tyre pressure gauge.

Meals:  Bring along a morning tea and adequate drinking water.

Chairs: Folding chair is also required.

Clothing: Sturdy outdoor attire, appropriate footwear suited for sand, a great hat suited for outdoor activities and sunscreen.

When: Sunday fortnightly or visit our dates.

Where: Bribie Island.

Corporate or Group Bookings

We can plan and conduct group or corporate specific courses, on request.  Please contact us for further information.


Training Handbook.
Partner is welcome to have a drive.
Ongoing advice and support

If you would like us to help you realise the full potential of your vehicle and have an enjoyable and educational day out, please contact us via our website, email or telephone.


Or click on the “Register Now” button below, to book your course.