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Providing realistic practical driver training.
not pretending in a forest, park, reserve, or makeshift area.

Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education has its own training facility that we conduct all of our courses, in particular our 4WD and Defensive Driving training programs.  

Designed and constructed by Kev Williams, the facility offers superior and realistic opportunities for the development of skills, confidence and techniques within natural environments, rather than a simulated environment or a “make-shift” area artificially developed for driver training.

The following information highlights Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education driver training facility,

A4ADE Trainers are excited and proud to have developed and own exclusive Practical Driver Training facility located at Kurwongbah (between Petrie & Dayboro).

The Kurwongbah facility offers, at a minimum the following;

  • Approximately 1000 acres.

  • 4WD bush terrain, suited for AWD and 4WD, with varies of degrees of slopes.

  • Road section to conduct a practical driver awareness activity.

  • Slalom area, to conduct correct steering methods.

  • An emergency braking area (both concrete and gravel surfaces).

  • Suitable for light, medium and heavy rigid vehicles.

  • Suitable for manoeuvring trailers (reversing & braking exercises).


A4ADE Practical Training Area

A4ADE Practical Driver Training Facility includes a number of distinct areas with a range of varying terrain, gradients of track and driving activities, as follows;


A 120m x 6m wide (15 x 20m at one end) cement slab for emergency braking manoeuvres and slalom circuit on a firm surface. This slab can be wet down to demonstrate dry and wet road surfaces and Anti-locking Braking System (ABS).


120m x 20m wide gravel surface area to demonstrate the difference and techniques for braking on gravel surfaces, including ABS (benefits and disadvantages).


Introduction 4WD training area – incorporating a circuit for 2WD and 4WD high range activity and 4WD low range (1st gear and 2nd gear) with moderate turns and ascent/descent. A water course of approximately 20m long at a depth of 300 – 500 mils.


The 3-ways – provides individual practical driving activities that incorporates decisions on high range or low range (hill descent control, 2nd start) whilst negotiating ascents /descents, mud, water crossing (200mils), washouts.


Figure 8 track – has two tracks that includes, tighter turns and small steeper ascent/descent. This area has a clearing of 100m x 20m gravel surfaces that steering exercises and emergency braking on gravel surface can be conducted.

Centre Track – for 4WD high range driving that has two tracks for 4WD low range driving that includes tighter turns and steeper ascent/descent and side slopes.


Three Steeper tracks – a long steep track, Approximately 35 – 52 degrees.

A individual touring tracks, that incorporates all of the above.

Wet weather tracks – used for wet weather. The hills are in the clearing that if a learner gets it wrong, there is no harm or vehicle damage. This are also has an emergency braking exercise.

4WD High range defensive driving circuit. A road is used to conduct driver scanning and hazard awareness exercise. A4ADE have been granted approved by local council and QLD Police for the conduct these activities, with conditions.

A real 4WD vehicle (that’s had the panels removed) for participants to observe the components and how a Part-time 4WD vehicle works.


A4ADE have a commercial operating permit to conduct 4WD sand courses at Bribie Island and/or Tewantin.

Office and Lecture Room

A4ADE leases exclusively a 200 square metre office and lecture room


Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education has an exclusive Practical Training facility at Kurwongbah that offers realistic Advanced Driver Training.

This offers superior opportunities for the development of skills, confidence and techniques within these environments, rather than a simulated environment or a “make-shift” area.

A4ADE have also conducted practical training in the following locations, however not limited to: 

Brisbane North





Bribie Island, Sand Course







Murwulimbah (NSW)

Newcastle (NSW)

Mittagong (NSW)


South Australia


On-Site Training

A4ADE specialise in the design and implementation of client specific and site specific driver training, aimed to considerably reduce the incidents, breakdown in the workplace and minimal disruption to shift routine.  A4ADE courses are portable allowing staff to be trained in locations familiar to their day-to-day use of 4WD and other light vehicles.


make specific course

We believe that every client has a specific and individual need. In each case a Needs Analysis is conducted to define the requirements and refine course content to ensure that the training plan suits the specific requirements of the Employer and Trainee.

A4ADE are specialists in Advanced Driver Training, particularly off road and on road Defensive Driver Training and are able to design, write and develop “make-specific” courses. Our “make-specific” courses are structured to suit individual requirements. Any changes to our learning program for “make-specific” courses are negotiated with the organisation.

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