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Excellence in Road Safety and Crash Free Driver Education, Since 2004

We’ve built our reputation with every student we’ve trained.

Australian 4WD and Advanced Driver Education is a Registered Training Organisation delivering Nationally
Recognised 4WD & Advanced Driver
training and education.

Trainers experience

We guarantee that A4ADE trainers driving experience, skills, technical knowledge and our practical “hands-on” driver training programs are superior to our counterparts. 

This guarantee is supported from feedback from many past course participants who have undertaken a range of courses with other organisations and who have confirmed that our courses are tailored to the industry and environment in which people are operating in and with emphasis placed on the practical driving.

In brief, A4ADE Trainers/Assessors:

  • have received accolades for their exceptional instructional, assessing and leadership experience, within the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the leader in the field of Advanced Driver Training.

  • Holds Diploma in Training and Assessment.

  • Certificate IV in Transport & Distribution – Road Transport Driving Instruction (Car, MR).

  • Diploma in Instruct 4WD Vehicle.

  • are passionate about the development and delivery of specialised driver training – both from a developmental angle and a hands-on approach.

  • have excellent instructional assessment / training credentials and has led Australian 4WD and Advanced Driver Education to its current position as the leading provider of advanced driver education, in a range of vehicles and driving environments. 

  • have superior communication / listening skills, ethics and ability to build rapport and to generate respect that has contributed to the success of A4ADE.

  • importantly, are world-wide Instructors that have given them exceptions skills dealing with participants from culturally and ethnically driver backgrounds

  • are highly regarded within the driver education field and are advisers to a range of bodies in relation to defensive driving, 4WDriving, advanced recovery, towing safety, Load Security of Light, Medium & Heavy Vehicles.

  • have vast experience in the development, delivery, review, and the amendment of a range of driver training programs.

  • written Standards, Policies and Procedures for all types of vehicle systems, including but not limited to, – Advanced Recovery, Recovery Points, Water Crossing, Driving on Wet Gravel Roads, Defensive Driving, Flat Tyre Changing to name a few.

  • conducting in-car Driver Assessments, using A4ADE Driver Assessment proforma, as part of all A4ADE Advanced Driver Education programs, regardless of Nationally Recognised or Site/Company Specific Driver Training program.

In addition to the above, A4ADE Director and Senior Trainers have:

  • Developed and designed of all the Australian 4WD and Advanced Driver Education professional, technical and nationally recognised advanced driver training courses.  A4ADE was invited by ASQA to become a self-regulator RTO, due to the successful outcomes of our audits.

  • Researched and written a defensive driving booklet: “It’s not an Accident” and producing a ‘crash-free driving’ DVD, that are included within A4ADE On-line Driver Training Program.

  • Development and implementation of A4ADE On-line Driver training Program that can be utilise as toolbox meeting.

  • Extensive experience working with the Transport Training System participated in many Training Boards of Study, consulting, developing and preparing Standard Operations Procedures on four wheel driving and Advanced Recovery of light, medium and heavy off road capable vehicles.

  • Over 5 years’ experience of developing and leading 4WD expeditions for up to 30 days driving in extreme off road and remote conditions, such as, the Simpson, Great Sandy and Gibson Desert.

  • Over 16 years’ experience conducting many companies “on-site” Defensive Driving, 4WD training and Recovery training.

Military Experience, include:

  • Developed, delivered and reviewed a broad range of operational, policy and training materials, suitable for use within the training and development arena for all levels of military personnel. Have successfully combined significant experience and formal qualifications in both training and assessment systems and senior management resulting in being a skilled and professional trainer who are able to train students from a rage of backgrounds and vocational areas in high risk and in complex environments.

  • Over 25 years extensive experience each in the Australian Defence Force transport field, including overseas operational deployments. They have not only had experience of Defensive Driving and 4WD but a range of off road vehicles and have gained this experience from dealing with “real” situations in varying and dangerous environments and conditions.

  • experiences as Trade Testing Officers (Trainers/Assessors), within the Defensive Force.

In support to many companies Safe Driving Program, Australian 4WD and Advanced Driver Education (A4ADE) remains committed to quality, professional and technical advice on 4WD & advanced driver education and training, therefore all of our training incorporates the following integral elements:

  • Driver development, attitude, behaviour, decision making, responsibilities and low risk defensive driving techniques;

  • Driver Situation Awareness and Risk Management, Journey Management Plan;

  • Employee Workplace health and safety (fatal risk protocol);

  • Minimal environmental impact, protecting, repairing and reporting;

  • BMA’s specific policy and procedure “Operate Light Vehicle” (up to 4.5t);

  • Vehicle mechanics, inspections, key features, capabilities and essential equipment

A4ADE remains committed to quality and professional 4WD & advanced driver training, therefore all of our training incorporates the following integral elements in their courses:
  • Driver development, attitude, behaviour, decision making, responsibilities and low risk techniques
  • Risk management, Journey Management Plan.
  • Employee Workplace health and safety (fatal risk protocol).
  • Minimal environmental impact, protecting, repairing and reporting.
  • Company specific policy and procedure “Operate Light Vehicle” (up to 4.5t).
  • Land transportation policies and procedures”Operate Light Vehicle” (up to 4.5t).
  • Vehicle mechanics, inspections, key features, capabilities and essential equipment.

We are compliant with Standards for National VET Regulator Registered Training Organisations (SNR), the Australia and New Zealand Health and Safety Standard 4801, BMA, BHP, Land Transportation for Oil & Gas Producers standards.

We deliver a range of competencies from the Forestry, Mining (black coal and metaliferous), Chemical, Hydrocarbons & Oil Refining, Transport and Logistics and National Outdoor Recreation training packages, including;

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