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For group bookings of 4 or more.
Advanced Recovery is included within the 4WD Bush, Sand & Recovery Weekend

Let’s make it clear from the start – Vehicle Recovery is classified as a HIGH TO EXTREME RISK activity.

We do not (or will not) underestimate the risk or compromise safety when it involves any high risk activities, such as vehicle recovery.

A4ADE Trainers are well qualified and experienced in the field of off road four wheel driving in extreme and remote conditions.  We believe experience is something that is gained over many years and developed by dealing with many real and varied situations.

We guarantee that our trainers skills, technical knowledge, experience and our practical hands on realistic advanced recovery training, is superior and beyond compatible.

Our Trainers knowledge and experience on the subject of vehicle recovery, is from over 20 years of serves in the Military, mostly as Instructors in many skills, one in particularly was in the field of recovery with a variety of military vehicles, trailers, equipment ranging from 2t -24t and 30t-60t armoured vehicles, in very extreme conditions.

This 4WD Advanced Recovery Course provides that source of vital knowledge for the 4WD operator and offers a complete understanding of recovery techniques.  Today greater emphasis is placed on the ‘duty of care’ that the driver of a 4WD vehicle must acknowledge.  To drive a vehicle off road requires an entirely different set of skills to driving on road.  Added to those skills must be included training in the safe and correct means of handling a vehicle recovery.

Recovery equipment has the potential to become a lethal weapon if safety and the correct recovery techniques are compromised.

It is recommended that a ‘Low Range 4WD Bush Course’ be completed before undertaking this Course as this will give you the understanding of how and why your 4WD works and stuck avoidance techniques.


This Course gives you the mechanical, mathematical and practical experience to work out and retrieve a vehicle safely using a wide range of devices available on today’s market.  You will be taught how to retrieve your vehicle with the barest of makeshift essentials and you’ll learn the ratings, weights and capabilities of the equipment you now own.

A4ADE Advanced Recovery Course is a source of vital knowledge for every 4WD Driver. Just as it is a necessity for someone in the vehicle to know how to assist in a situation where injury has occurred, there should be a person in each 4WD who has had training in the safe & correct means of affecting vehicle recovery.

A4ADE specific Advanced Recovery training includes, but not limiting to the following teaching elements:

Theory component is combined within the practical elements and covers the following:

  • What sticks a vehicle.
  • Safety Precautions, Risk Assessments and Stages to reduce the Risk of the recovery failing.
  • Types of recovery equipment available, characteristics, safety precautions and their ratings.
  • Rating calculations of ground and artificial anchors.
  • Difference between SWL and WWL.
  • Calculate TPR.
  • Mechanical advantages in a 2:1, 3:1 direct and indirect recovery.
  • Angles and forces on a Pulley Blocks and Bow Shackles.
  • Workplace health, safety and environmental policies.

Practical training elements include:

  • Inspection, benefits and disadvantage of each recovery equipment.
  • Understanding the differences, Australian Standards and safe use of equalising strap, tow strap, snatch strap, tree trunk protection and extension straps.
  • Safe use of a High lift jack and an exhaust jack.
  • Calculate TPR.
  • Safe operations of a turfur winch (manual winch).
  • Safe operations of a vehicle mounted winch in a 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 (Direct and Indirect).
  • Coordinate a recovery of a 4WD vehicle, controller and operator.
  • Maintain recovery equipment.

What happens on the day?

Times:  8.00am to 3.00 pm approximately.

Approximately two hours of theory in the morning, then the rest of the day is practical “hands on” recovery exercises.

What do I need to bring?
Bring your own 4WD.

Do not buy any recovery equipment, however, if you have any recovery equipment, bring it along with you.

Meals:  Bring along a morning tea, light lunch (a sandwich is ideal) and adequate drinking water.

Clothing:  Sturdy outdoor attire, hat, covered footwear and sunscreen.  leather gloves and wet weather equipment, just in case.

When:   Please check the dates below or on request for group bookings.

Corporate Training and group bookings, please see Corporate Training or contact of friendly Office Ladies.

Where: Kurwongbah, North of Brisbane or site specific.

Numbers apply
We can plan and conduct group or corporate specific courses, on request.  Please contact us for further information.


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