Towing Safely

Towing Safely

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Who would select this course?

This course has been developed and contextualised for those people who are towing trailers that may include caravans, camper trailers, boats, horse floats and car trailers  

Course Aim

Towing Safely has been developed to enhance your on road (and off road) towing skills, by covering easy to learn techniques, which is designed from extensive experience in all types of situations involving the full range of trailers.

The course addresses the general principals applied to towing trailers that includebut not limited to:

  • Vehicle and trailer, caravan, camper-van, horse float, boat.
    • Towing legislation, Vehicle & Trailer Specifications, and Dynamics.
    • Trailer inspections, trip preparation, pre-departure checks,
    • Loading positions & securing load.
    • Coupling & uncoupling.
    • Causes, prevention and actions on trailer swaying.
    • Safety chains, trailer brakes, brake-away system, manual over-ride braking (Redarc) and Load Equalisers.
    • Correct seat positions and steering methods, to always be in control of the vehicle and trailer.

  • Emergency Braking ABS, threshold, trailer braking and adjusting trailer brake bias. (controlling trailer both on road and off road).

  • Towing safely techniques, scanning, hazard awareness, to include, but not limited to:
    • town, country, highway, residential, carparks.
    • gravel, off road (specific to semi off road caravan/camper-van dependent).
    • Off-road camper-vans – negotiating ascents. descents in low range and recovery, if required.
    • Driving to reduce wear and tear on the vehicle and trailer.

  • Reversing a trailer/caravan,
    • in a straight line;
    • uphill, around corners; 
    • into tight areas;
    • 90 degrees left and right: and 
    • in a figure 8 (without jack knifing).

  • Emergency situations, such as:
    • Tyre blow out, brake failure.
    • Trailer Swaying (causes, avoiding and action on trailer swaying). or
    • Mechanical failure with your trailer.

The day consists of a variety of road and traffic conditions designed to cover all areas of trailer use in off road and on road situations.

Additional course information

Course Timings

  • The course generally is a half day course, approximately 4 hours.

A4ADE Practical Training Area

A4ADE exclusive Driver Training Facility at Kurwongbah offers terrain which is similar to the terrain that people would be required to Drive and Manoeuvre a Trailer in their everyday driving travels.

group booking training areas

Group Training

Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education specialise in the design and implementation of client/group specific driver training and education. Our Towing Safely Course can be delivered for groups who maybe traveling in convoy whether its on road or planning to travel the Simpson Desert, Cape York, the Kimberley’s, to name a few.

All courses are portable allowing travelling groups to be trained in locations familiar to their day-to-day use of 4WD, trailers.

Our “make-specific” courses not only covers all mandatory training elements for the Towing Safely,  but the course is contextualised to ensure they meet the specific requirements of the convoy.

What course participants will require to undertake the course

  • Your 4WD Vehicle with trailer (one vehicle and trailer can be used for up to 2 participants).
  • bring your caravan/trailer fully loaded.
  • Your vehicle will need at least half a tank of fuel.
  • Driving license (that will be required for checking prior to course commencement).
  • Appropriate clothing –  at a minimum should comprise of long sleeved shirt, long pants, closed shoes with good soles and hat.
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Pad and pen.
  • Morning tea and a light lunch with plenty of drinking water in summer months.

Vehicle Hire

A4ADE do have 4WD vehicles and/or trailer available for use, if required.  The cost of these vehicles includes, vehicle hire for completion of the course, fuel, recovery equipment (where required) and cleaning and is as follows:

    • Vehicle – 1 day course $155.00 per person per day.
    • Trailer – 1 day course $90.00 per person per day for a 8 x 5 box trailer, with 1000lt water tank.


The vehicle and trailer hire cost is a per person cost.  Each vehicle may be shared by two participants.  If you wish to have exclusive use of a vehicle, then this can be arranged and would be at a cost of $200.00 per vehicle per day.


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