Defensive Driving


Do you use a GPS When should you use latitude and longitude or grid references for position fixes?  Have you ever wondered what all those numbers and letters mean?  Read on. A GPS is a magic tool to help you find your position on earth or to help you navigate your way around the bush.

Crash-Free Driving

Check-out our Defensive Driving Program Crash-free driving is a mind set and driving method. Crash-free drivers main goal, every time they drive, is to arrive at their destination crash or incident free. A crash-free driver manages their driving so nothing conflicts with or compromises this goal. It may require them to use tremendous will power, be

What is Defensive Driving?

Check-out our Defensive Driving Program Realisation and Adherence: We often forget that the vehicle is just a machine and driving it requires the driver’s complete concentration on the road. Any lapse of concentration can lead to a major incident causing the loss of many lives. People driving motor vehicles need to be responsible and alert

Driving Conditions

4WD High Range and Driving Conditions Drive To The Road Conditions. Be in the correct place on the road, have the right speed for the conditions and the correct gear for that speed. (Consider 4H for driving on unsealed roads. It gives you far more control over the vehicle especially on corners. But remember to

Water Crossing

Water Crossing Crossing a body of water is not something one does by choice in their 4WD but such a situation may arise. With a clear understanding that this course of travel may be necessary, all water crossings deserve more than a cursory glance Attitude While the water’s surface may look calm, you may find


The argument for selection of 2WD vs 4WD, has gone on for some time with manufacturers and drivers alike.  There are many facets to the argument namely cornering, braking and general surface traction. Cornering In a corner, acceleration will direct pressure (weight) to the back of the vehicle relatively evenly. This allows the steering to

Six Driving Conditions (Light, Weather, Traffic)

What does `Drive to the Conditions’ actually mean? There are SIX driving conditions that confront drivers every time a vehicle is operated. Light ~ Weather ~ Traffic ~ Road ~ Vehicle ~ Driver If any of these conditions are adverse, your driving will be affected and you should take action to correct them. When your

Cargo Barriers

Cargo-Barriers When planning a trip away , the question arises as to whether or not to fit a cargo barrier; with so many other costs to consider, do we really need to…. install or not to install…! Cargo Barriers are clever in design and when correctly installed are intended to be multifunctional.  They can be

Automatic Driving

Automatic driving in 4WD? Like the argument between petrol and diesel, the argument between auto and manual could last all day with neither side winning.  In fact, both transmissions have advantages and disadvantages.  It is just that autos have more advantages than manuals. What are the Advantages? For a start, selection of the right gear is

Driving Statistics

Check-out our Defensive Driving Statistics and Program Every 22 minutes, someone is killed or seriously injured on Australian roads. The single greatest risk that most drivers will face while working will be serious injury or death during road travel. On average, four to five people are killed and approximately 220 people are hospitalised every day