Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Program

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driving programEvery vehicle incident is preventable whether it was your fault or someone or something else’s.

There are two types of vehicle incidents: Preventable and Non-preventable.

Preventable Vehicle Incident – is one in which the driver failed to do everything reasonable to avoid the crash or incident. In other words, when a driver commits a mistake and/or fails to react reasonably to the mistakes of others.

When a driver commits no mistake and reacts reasonably to the mistakes of others, maybe considered as a non preventable crash or incident.

Non-Preventable Vehicle Incident – is an incident which nothing the driver could have done would have prevented it e.g. an act of
nature, earth quake, bridge collapse or road is washed away.

Even an unusual incident can shed light on weaknesses in your processes and procedures.

If you ask the right questions after an vehicle incident,

crash or a near miss, you may be able to prevent future incidents.