Health & Safety Practices

Our Health and Safety and Environment Policy

Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education has a comprehensive Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy and a Driver Risk Assessment Procedures which demonstrates that A4ADE is serious about the health and safety of training participants, whilst protecting the environment and their vehicles. This compliance with Government guidelines, therefore providing a service, which meets many stringent criteria.

The Director of A4ADE has developed all of A4ADE Policies and Procedures, as follows:

Health Safety and Environmental Policy.

Driver Training Risk Assessment for all A4ADE driving courses.

Medical and Evacuation Plan, for each site/area of training.

Safety Brief for all A4ADE courses.

Training Incident, Near Miss Report.

Trainee Assessments.

To ensure that this policy and practice met the appropriate standards, A4ADE underwent a compliance audit by Arnolds and Associates Pty LTD against the Australia and New Zealand Health and Safety Standard.  A4ADE achieved a high degree of compliance, demonstrating that participants are undertaking a credible and viable Course that meets national and Government standards.

A4ADE has prepared these documents to assist Trainers and Trainees in the assessment and control of risks associated with Defensive Driving and off road 4WD, Driver Training, and to ensure that a standard set of policies and procedures are in place across the Organisation for health, safety and environmental management. These policy, guidelines and procedures acknowledge that advanced driver training activities, are likely to involve risk and that these risks be minimised or eliminated.


These guidelines are applicable to the majority of defensive driving and off road training activities undertaken by A4ADE, and include appropriate risk assessment procedures. However, where the training is likely to include high risk activities such as emergency braking and steering exercises, the use of recovery equipment and negotiating difficult terrain in an off road environment, further risk management is required. The Trainer must complete these additional procedures, in such cases.

Trainers and Trainees

Trainers and Trainees are reminded that Driver Training, is regarded as a workplace activity. As such, the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Organisations Policies apply. Safety during training is the responsibility of all trainees. A4ADE Trainers have a particular responsibility for ensuring that proper procedures are followed in the planning and execution of training, and for dealing with any incidents that may affect health, safety and environment. Further specific responsibilities are set out within these guidelines.

All staff members at A4ADE are very safety conscious and provide course participants with appropriate information and skills to enable them to look after themselves, their colleagues and their vehicles.

Minimal Environmental impact is an element that is covered in all of the driver training courses conducted by A4ADE and practiced.

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