Our Mission & Values

mission statement

Australian 4WD and Advanced Driver Education has been providing excellence in 4WD and advanced driver training for professional and novice drivers for over 10 years to equip drivers with Low Risk Driving Skills to become a safer and effective crash free defensive driver.
A4ADE has earned its reputation through satisfied private and corporate clients.  A4ADE are committed to being a leader in advance driver training excellence, innovation and continuous development learning.

Our mission at Australian 4WD and Advanced Driver Education is dedicated to providing advanced driver training based on a “Proactive” approach and committed to encouraging Low Risk Defensive Driving, Safer Driving Behaviours and promoting Positive Driving Attitudes, to protect people, the environment and the vehicle. The end result is the reduced risk of being involved in a vehicle collision or incident, reduced claims for vehicle damage and increased employee safety.

Our Values & Behaviours


  1. Appreciate and acknowledge the time and effort that it takes to coordinate company training.
  2. Exceed what we are committed to do.
  3. Acknowledge, respect and accept that the people we are dealing with have different skills, experience and confidence.
  4. Treat others as they would like to be treated.

Working Together

  1. Open communication and provide and receive feedback in a professional manner.
  2. Value the experience and opinions of others.
  3. Look for opportunities to assist each other.
  4. Mutual agreement on what needs to be done, i.e. priorities and outcomes.

Passion for Excellence

  1. Work within our frameworks / process, we do not take shortcuts.
  2. Decisions are made within our values framework.
  3. Outcomes focused, we strive to achieve our goals.
  4. Professional.
  5. We seek feedback.
  6. Committed to continuing to developing, updating and improving our knowledge and training programs.


  1. Enthusiasm for learning..
  2. Continually developing our skills.
  3. Continually improving our training programs.
  4. Share our knowledge internally and externally and recognise who may need extra information.

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