Our Training Method

Training Delivery

Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education courses are divided into theory, practical and assessment sessions.

Classroom Theory

The classroom theory session may take between 45 minutes to One – two hours, depending on the course. A4ADE Trainers are keen to keep classroom theory to a minimum, however some theory sessions are incorporated within the practical driving component of the course.


The practical sessions are divided into teaching and practice stages. The practical sessions are conducted using demonstration performance methods. Demonstration performance methods are sequences of explanations, demonstration and practice.


During the Australian 4WD Driver Training course, each trainee is assessed, to obtain a realistic measure of the driver’s new skills and practices. This assessment is to confirm that trainees have achieved the appropriate competencies, in relation to the training objectives of the course. During the practical stage of the course, trainees driving skills are constantly assessed. Assessment of the competency will be achieved by: short answer questions, practical exercises and oral examination.

Each trainee assessed as competent will be awarded a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment.

daily program

Course registration is usually at 7:45am for an 8:00am course commencement with the course concluding at approximately 3:00 – 4:00pm. Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education will work with the organisation in relation to shift patterns and hours of work, scheduling course commencement and completion to suit the employers’ need.


A4ADE recommends one vehicle between two drivers, to allow trainees to have as much practical driving experience as possible, during practical sessions. We will however work within the company’s limitations. It is recommended trainees use company vehicles that they may use in their day-to-day work. This allows trainees to experience the full capabilities of their vehicle in a controlled environment.

What do trainees need to bring?

Drivers licence, dress in appropriate outdoor clothing with covered footwear, sunscreen, a hat, folding chair, adequate drinking water, morning tea and a light lunch, writing materials.

Do we need to have any special equipment?

A4ADE can supply all equipment required to achieve the aim of the course. However we encourage organisations to supply their vehicles with existing equipment. Our trainers will inspect and advise key personnel on any concerns or recommendations, in relation to 4WD equipment.

Access & Equity:

Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education are committed to offering all persons in the community the opportunity to access Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education Courses. This includes people with a disability, literacy and numeracy difficulties, and people from cultural and linguistic diverse backgrounds.

A4ADE are able to provide opportunity to such persons to successfully gain skills, knowledge and experience through accessing our consulting services and training products.

Equity and Diversity:

A4ADE is committed to providing an environment free from harassment, discrimination, and any other unacceptable behaviour.

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