PMASUP236: Operate Vehicles in the Field (Gas Pipeline)


Australian 4wd and Advanced Driver Education – RTO CODE: 31223


Note: Competencies such as the RIIVEH201D / RIIVEH305E maybe mapped to the PMASUP236 Operate Vehicles in the Field, if required to access other sites, such as mining, construction, powerlines, telecommunications etc.

Who would select this course?

This course is has been developed and contextualised for those people specifically operating vehicles on the pipeline easement/access roads and off road terrain specifically working in the Gas, Oil, Resources, Infrastructure and construction industry.

This course however has excellent application to anyone who is required to operate a 4WD both on and off road as part of their day-to-day job.

Australian 4WD and Advanced Driver Education are committed to assist employers, contractors and visitors to eliminate or minimise the risk of fatalities, injuries and incidents arising from the use of vehicles by defining the requirements for operating and travelling in vehicles on site and on public and private roads used to access the these sites. Avoiding accidents and unnecessary vehicle repairs will affect the ability of each employer to meet their targets.

Course Aim

The responsibility of all drivers of a light vehicle is to drive in such a way as to prevent being involved in an accident regardless of the action of other drivers or adverse driving conditions.

Goal of Zero Incidents:

A4ADE fully acknowledge that companies and organisations strives to meet the goal of zero incidents and injuries and are committed to eliminating vehicle incidents involving their employees and contractors.

Course Elements for PMASUP236 Operate Vehicles in the Field, are as follows:

Prepare Vehicle and Secure Load

1.1   Conduct vehicle familiarisation checks before starting journey.

1.2    Note and rectify any defects where possible or report vehicle for further attention/repair.

1.3   Ascertain that all required fuel, water and other supplies required for the journey are available and in useable order.

1.4   Inspect all ancillary equipment and operational accessories to ensure they have been attached or secured in a safe and agreed manner.

1.5   Secure load including external loads, rear tray, roof racks, and any loads within the vehicle, using appropriate securing equipment.

Undertake Journey

2.1   Familiarise oneself with the route to ensure that an appropriate route has been determined.

2.2   Interpret access manuals and topographical maps in order to obtain required information for journey.

2.3   Obtain relevant authorisations/notifications and accesses before starting the journey.

2.4   Confirm and/or clarify or communicate journey details with relevant company personnel.

2.5   Monitor driving conditions and requirements constantly, to meet any changes in terrain, weather conditions and road conditions and requirements.

2.6   Monitor and maintain fluid levels and air pressures to ensure safe and efficient vehicle operations.

2.7   Monitor vehicle constantly for any malfunctions or factors that may affect vehicle performance.

2.8   Maintain vehicle speeds within all stated limits and road condition limitations to minimise the risk of personal injury, environmental damage and load damage.

2.9   Maintain communication as required with the relevant company personnel to advise of progress and journey status.

2.10 Ensure seatbelts are worn by all personnel while the vehicle is in motion.

Operate Vehicle

3.1   Knowledge of vehicle differences to the driving requirements of 4WD and conventional vehicles.

3.2   Adhere to general principles of 4WD in negotiating a variety of terrains and driving conditions.

3.3   Use defensive driving techniques.

3.4   Observe additional precautions for night driving.

3.5   Drive to suit road conditions.

3.6   Observe rules prohibiting driving under the influence of alcohol and other performance inhibiting substances.

Finalise Journey

4.1    Communicate and confirm termination of journey with the relevant company personnel.

4.2   Visually inspect the vehicle to ensure that vehicle is in good repair and order.

4.3   Unsecure trailer loads and prepare for unloading utilising the agreed uncoupling process.

4.4   Report faults or damage to vehicle to appropriate personnel.

Recover Vehicle

5.1   Identify and assess options for recovery of an immobilised vehicle.

5.2   Operate recovery equipment safely.

5.3   Perform a battery ‘jump start’ safely.

5.4   Observe safety precautions when rigging cables and chains.

5.5   Demonstrate various methods of vehicle recovery.

5.6   Change a wheel on a properly jacked vehicle.

Maintain Vehicle Safety

6.1   Observe appropriate speeds for the road conditions.

6.2   Ensure all personnel use a seat belt.

6.3   Observe site specific vehicle entry restrictions.

6.4   Follow appropriate search and rescue notification procedures.

6.5   Follow appropriate procedures for passing large or heavy vehicles.

Make Specific Course

Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education are specialists in on and off road Defensive Driver Training and are able to design, develop and conduct “make-specific” courses.  Our “make-specific” courses not only cover all mandatory Nationally Recognised elements for the PMASUP236 but are contextualised to ensure they meet the specific requirements of the Employer and their staff.

Additional Course Information.

Course Timings

The PMASUP236 is a 2 day course with start and finish times as follows:

Day 1– Commencement 07:15, concluding at approximately 3:30pm.

Day 2 – Commencement 07:45, concluding at approximately 2pm.

A4ADE Practical Training Area

A4ADE exclusive Driver Training Facility at Kurwongbah  offers terrain which is similar to the terrain that people would be required to drive on in their everyday driving as part of their job.  This offers superior opportunities for the development of skills and techniques in these environments rather than a simulated environment or a “make-shift” area artificially developed for driver training.

A4ADE Training Areas

A4ADE have exclusive Driver Training Facility at Kurwongbah, North of Brisbane.

For group bookings additional training areas to those listed above include Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Mt Isa, Moranbah, Roma, Toowoomba, however not limited to these areas.

Corporate/Group Booking Training Areas

A4ADE are able to plan, develop and deliver specific course programs for groups or corporate, on request.

On-Site Training

Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education specialise in the design and implementation of client specific and site specific driver training and education. Training can be delivered for groups on any site (if suitable terrain is available), for group bookings.  All courses are portable allowing staff to be trained in locations familiar to their day-to-day use of 4WD and other light vehicles and can be delivered to ensure minimal disruption to shift routine.

What course participants will require to undertake the course

  • USI (Unique Student Identifier)
  • 4WD Vehicle (one vehicle can be used for up to 2 participants from the same organisation:
  • Should you not have access to a 4WD vehicle, A4ADE fleet vehicles are available for use at an additional cost. (please see “vehicles” below”); and
  • Your vehicle will need at least half a tank of fuel.
  • Driving license (that will be required for checking prior to course commencement).
  • Appropriate clothing – this should be compliant with your companies policy however at a minimum must comprise of long sleeved shirt, long pants, closed shoes with good soles and hat.
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Pad and pen.
  • Morning tea and a light lunch with plenty of drinking water in summer months.

Vehicle Hire

A4ADE do have vehicles available for use.  The cost of these vehicles includes, vehicle hire for completion of the course, fuel, recovery equipment (where required), cleaning and wear/tear on brakes and tyres. 

Vehicle hire fee: 1 day vehicle hire is $155.00 per person, per day.  

Please Note

  1. The vehicle maybe hired by other course participants, meaning that each vehicle hire may be shared by two participants.  This will not have any impact on the amount of drive time that each hirer will experience.
  2. At times, there maybe more than one vehicle available, that will allow each vehicle hirer to experience a variety of 4WD types.
  3. If you wish to have exclusive use of a vehicle, then this can be arranged and would be at a cost of $200.00 per vehicle per day.

Trailer Hire

The hire cost of A4ADE 6 x 4 box trailer is $100.00 per trailer.


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