TLIC0031: Apply Low Risk Car Driving Behaviours


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TLIC1051 Operate Commercial Vehicle

TLIC0031: Apply Low Risk Car Driving Behaviours
TLIC1051: Operate Commercial Vehicle

The above course competencies can be mapped and incorporated within any competencies with Defensive Driving elements, such as, but not limited to PMASUP236, RIIVEH201.o

Driving a motor vehicle is considered a high to extreme risk activity.  Driving a 4WD vehicle off road increases this risk further. For most people the operation of a vehicle becomes routine and therefore the risk of this activity is very seldom considered.

Who would select this course?

This course is has been developed and contextualised for any employee that is required to drive a company or commercial vehicle/s as part of their day-to-day driving duties.

This course is appropriate for all industries which is designed to cover a higher level of knowledge of safe driving behaviour,  high order skills, risk control, safe driving judgment, decision making and multi taking.

Course Aim

The responsibility of all drivers of a company or commercial vehicle is to drive in such a way as to prevent being involved in an vehicle incident regardless of the action of other drivers or adverse driving conditions.

Goal of Zero Incidents:

A4ADE fully acknowledge that companies and organisations strive to meet the goal of zero incidents and injuries and are committed to eliminating vehicle incidents involving their employees and contractors.

Apply Low Risk Car Driving Behaviours Course Elements includes the following:

Define and apply safe car behaviours

1.1    Requirements for safe car driving are acknowledged, interpreted and applied.

1.2    Importance of attitude in abiding by the road rules in relation to level of risk faced by a driver is understood and taken into account in car driving activities.

1.3    Importance of cooperation with other road users in order to drive safely is understood and taken into account in car driving activities.

1.4    Motivation to drive safely is interpreted and described, including values, emotions and personal needs.

1.5    Principles of proactive driving, also known as low-risk driving, that keep the driver at a low-level risk are interpreted and applied.

1.6    Specific factors that constitute an actual risk of a collision are understood and applied, including options for avoiding a collision; crash avoidance space; variables affecting minimum space; effects of observation, perception and response time; and consequences related to crash avoidance spaces.

Interpret and apply low-risk driving strategies

2.1    Risk factors contributing to the formation of opinions and beliefs about low-risk driving are understood and applied.

2.2   Road safety information that reflects the changing road environment is clarified and taken into account in car driving activities.

2.3   Human psychological and physiological aspects that can influence low-risk driving are acknowledged and taken into account in car driving activities.

2.4   Low-risk driving strategies are understood, interpreted and applied consistently.

Interpret and apply road rules applicable to safe car driving

3.1    Relevant rules and regulations are identified, interpreted correctly and consistently applied.

3.2   Road signs, signals and markings are identified and taken into account in car driving activities.

3.3   Purpose of road rules and traffic safety laws in ensuring safe and efficient regulation of traffic flow is understood and taken into account in car driving activities.

Manage collision when driving a car

4.1    Common contributing collision factors, including age, experience, speed, drugs, alcohol, road conditions, fatigue and time of day are recognised, and appropriate actions are managed.

4.2   External factors that could lead to collisions, including speed, space, vision, road conditions, vehicle condition and environmental conditions are understood and managed.

4.3   Internal factors that could lead to collisions, including emotional factors, driver’s own behaviours and driver’s operation at high levels of risk are acknowledged and managed.

4.4   Consequences of collisions in relation to relevant traffic laws and physical, financial and psychological costs to the individual and society are understood and managed.

4.5   Functions of vehicle controls and how to recover control of the vehicle are understood and demonstrated.

4.6   Corrective actions to be taken after a collision are understood and applied if required.

Demonstrate and maintain a high level of competence in car control skills

5.1    Appropriate action is taken to respond to various types of adverse conditions.

5.2   Principles of braking are applied at a high level of competence.

5.3   Principles of steering are applied at a high level of competence.

5.4   Slow speed manoeuvres are carried out at a high level of competence.

5.5   Vehicle is guided and controlled at a high level of competence.

Make Specific Course

Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education are specialists in on and off road Defensive Driver Training and are able to design, develop and conduct “make-specific” courses.

Our “make-specific” courses not only covers all mandatory Nationally Recognised elements for the Apply Safe Car Driving Behaviours, but are contextualised to ensure they meet the specific requirements of the employer and their staff.

Additional Course Information.

Course Timings

The course start time is at 07:45, concluding at approximately 3pm.

A4ADE Practical Training Area

A4ADE exclusive Driver Training Facilitiy at Kurwongbah offers terrain which is similar to the terrain that people would be required to drive on in their everyday driving as part of their job.  This offers superior opportunities for the development of skills and techniques in these environments rather than a simulated environment or a “make-shift” area artificially developed for driver training.

A4ADE Training Areas

A4ADE have exclusive Driver Training Facilitiy at Kurwongbah, North of Brisbane.

For group bookings additional training areas to those listed above include Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Mt Isa, Moranbah, Roma, Toowoomba, however not limited to these areas.

Corporate/Group Booking Training Areas

A4ADE are able to plan, develop and deliver specific course programs for groups or corporate, on request.

On-Site Training

Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education specialise in the design and implementation of client specific and site specific driver training and education. Training can be delivered for groups on any site (if suitable terrain is available), for group bookings.  All courses are portable allowing staff to be trained in locations familiar to their day-to-day use of 4WD and other light vehicles and can be delivered to ensure minimal disruption to shift routine.

What course participants will require to undertake the course

  • USI (Unique Student Identifier)
  • Vehicle Specific (one vehicle can be used for up to 2 participants from the same organisation:
  • Should you not have access to a 4WD vehicle, A4ADE fleet vehicles are available for use at an additional cost. (please see “vehicles” below”); and
  • Your vehicle will need at least half a tank of fuel.
  • Driving license (that will be required for checking prior to course commencement).
  • Appropriate clothing – this should be compliant with your companies policy however at a minimum must comprise of long sleeved shirt, long pants, closed shoes with good soles and hat.
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Pad and pen.
  • Morning tea and a light lunch with plenty of drinking water in summer months

Vehicle Hire

A4ADE do have vehicles available for use.  The cost of these vehicles includes, vehicle hire for completion of the course, fuel, recovery equipment (where required) and cleaning and is as follows:

  • 1 day course $155.00 per person per day. 

Note: The cost above is a per person cost.  Each vehicle may be shared by two participants.  If you wish to have exclusive use of a vehicle, then this can be arranged and would be at a cost of $200.00 per vehicle per day.


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