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Cargo Barriers


cargo barriers

When planning a trip away , the question arises as to whether or not to fit a cargo barrier; with so many other costs to consider, do we really need to…. install or not to install…!

Cargo Barriers are clever in design and when correctly installed are intended to be multifunctional.  They can be fitted to dual positions in a wagon, either with the seats up or with the seats down. Their main task is to keep items in place (an anti-projectile barrier)  when descending steep slopes or when braking suddenly or in the event of an accident..  In the case of a roll over,  if the Cargo Barrier was not designed to reinforce the internal structure similar to a roll cage it has certainly proven to be effective substitute. It also acts as a  barrier that allows for vertical storage, allowing for packing higher and strapping down of equipment.

So keep these points in mind when you are tossing up the extra costs….How much money do you put on safety…! 

When it comes to protecting your family….
Your kids are sitting targets in the back seat from lethal luggage and debris hurled forward at up to 110 kilometres per hour. Don’t take your kids for granted and don’t take them anywhere without a Milford Cargo Barrier.

When the going rough..

Unrestrained cargo can be lethal in a four wheel drive in the event of a roll-over, front impact collision or sudden stop brought about by difficult terrain. Protect yourself, your family and your passengers from outback disasters by fitting a Cargo Barrier, that meets Australian Standards.

Protecting your employee..

In the event of a frontal collision unrestrained cargo can hurtle forward with an incredible force, severely injuring or killing anyone in its path. We can provide protection for driver and passengers in over 200 different load carrying vehicles.

Approx Cost

Manufacturers, have a comprehensive range and nationwide distribution network to service the retail and/or automotive dealer market. Prices for popular model vehicles are in the $400-$500 range, fitted to the vehicle.