Trip Preparation

Towing Safely

Are you heading away for that trip of a lifetime or travelling on holidays with your caravan in tow? If so just take a moment to reflect on your plans to travel on the long awaited holiday destination.

towing safelyWe often get so tied up with what we need to pack, what we need to take and re-directing the mail that we leave little time for the essentials.

We have put together a checklist for those people who tow caravans, which we hope will be of use in ensuring that preliminary and essential checks can be conducted before travel.

In our “ Towing Safely ” course we cover the items in this checklist as well as the following:

  1. · Coupling & uncoupling
  2. · Reversing into tight spots
  3. · Loading & securing load
  4. · Jacking & changing wheels
  5. · Emergency Repairs.

Our “ Towing Safely ” course is done on a 1:1 basis and are Nationally Recognised. As such there are elements that we must cover, please do not hesitate to let our trainer know the areas that most interest you and the areas you wish to concentrate on.  He will be happy to assist in those areas so that you get the ultimate benefit from the course.



  1. Fuel tank(s) full
  2. Oil level in engine and transmission.
  3. Water or coolant level.
  4. Condition of all hoses.
  5. Fan belt tension and condition.
  6. Brake Fluid level.
  7. Tyre pressures, including spare.
  8. Operation of lights. (Side-clearance/Brake/Park/Indicators).
  9. Mirrors secured and adjusted.



  1. Cupboards and drawers closed & table secured.
  2. Refrigerator door locked – check that containers with liquids are sealed.
  3. Hatches and windows closed.
  4. No loose items in cupboards or on shelves.
  5. Fire extinguisher fitted. (An approved fire extinguisher)



  1. Gas bottle fitted and secured. (Gas lines, connections, appliances and electrical fittings).
  2. Water tank filled.
  3. Brakes checked and adjusted.
  4. Reversing catch disengaged (if fitted)
  5. Wheel bearings adjusted/correct.
  6. Wheel nuts tight AND condition of tyres.
  7. Note: It is advisable to have the caravan serviced by a specialist prior to the journey


  1. Jockey wheel removed or secured.
  2. Lights operating correctly (Side-clearance/Brake/Park/Indicators).
  3. Gas turned off.
  4. Tyres inflated correctly (Including Spare/s).
  5. Doors closed and locked.
  6. Jacks raised or safety stands removed.
  7. Wheel chocks removed.
  8. Hand brake released.
  9. Electrical connections between car and van secured.
  10. 240V electrical lead disconnected  (if connected).
  11. Steps raised.
  12. Towing aid correctly fitted.
  13. Safety chains secured (shackles used not padlocked).
  14. Test Brakes and Trailer Brake (if fitted)



  1. Fan belt.
  2. Radiator hoses.
  3. Engine oil.
  4. Coolant.
  5. Spare wheel and tyre to suit caravan.
  6. Tube to suit car and caravan tyre.
  7. Insulating tape.
  8. Electrical wire.



  1. Assortment of tools to suit sizes on car & caravan.
  2. Tyre levers (2).
  3. Wheel brace to suit wheel nuts on car and caravan.
  4. Jack to suit car and caravan.
  5. Tyre gauge.
  6. Wheel chocks.
  7. Blocks for placing under corner stabilisers when ground is soft or under a wheel when site is not level.
  8. Make sure that you have the necessary tools required to fit the spares that you may have taken for the trip.


If you are reading this, maybe you are interested in knowing more about your trailer and the towing techniques that will increase the safety of your travels. You may have had a nasty experience with your trailer or attended a trailer accident already. What ever the reason even if you would like some tips on loading or reversing we can help!

There is nothing as frustration as not being in control of the trailer and having to maneuver it into a tight spot.

We have easy to learn techniques that will put you back in charge of the vehicle.

Have you ever lost part of your load?

A brief instruction in the art of securing a load will set you straight for your next journey and for many more.

How would you handle a blow out or mechanical failures with your trailer?

From extensive experience in all types of situations involving every thing from a car trailer to triple road trains we can offer some sensible advice.

From coupling up to parking up through to repairs from tire changing to temporary repairs you will have the opportunity to see, discuss and practice under supervision with professionals.