Trip Preparation

Vehicle Preparation For Your Next 4WD Trip

Vehicle preparation is a very important function of trip preparation and should be taken very seriously. We have listed below some suggestions, as we believe are necessary but advise that there may be many more items that require your attention if your vehicle is more than 12 months and or has more than 60,000 km.

Towing Safely

Are you heading away for that trip of a lifetime or travelling on holidays with your caravan in tow? If so just take a moment to reflect on your plans to travel on the long awaited holiday destination. We often get so tied up with what we need to pack, what we need to take

Road Courtesy and Driver Attitude

Check-out our Defensive Driving Program Research has shown that human factors play a contributory role in 95% of crashes and were the sole cause of 65% of crashes. Safe or low risk defensive driving should not be confused with legal driving. Legal Responsibility: Drivers are required to drive in a manner that maintains safety of