Drive and Recover a 4WD Vehicle –

Low Range Bush & Sand Course


A 10% discount applies for bookings on both the Bush and 4WD Sand Course on the same weekend.  

2019 4WD Weekend Courses (Bush and Sand Course)

 2019 Dates Jan 19 Feb 19 Mar 19 Apr 19 May 19 Jun 19 Jul 19 Aug 19  Sept 19 Oct 19 Nov 19
Public Bush Course (Saturdays) 12 Jan  23 Feb 16 Mar 13 Apr 11 May 8 Jun 6 Jul 10 Aug 7 Sept 19 Oct 2 Nov 7 Dec
 Public Sand Course
 13 Jan 24 Feb 17 Mar 14 Apr  12 May 9 Jun 7 Jul 11 Aug 8 Sept 20 Oct 3 Nov 8 Dec

You will be provided with the knowledge, techniques and confidence for all essential areas of off road driving.Course is an investment in your future.  It is our most popular course providing mechanical understanding of your off road capable vehicle, environment appreciation and correct driving techniques.

Understandably, to drive a 4WD or off road capable vehicle efficiently requires additional skill and knowledge. Poor driving habits in a four wheel drive vehicle can unknowingly increase your maintenance costs considerably the repercussions of which can be expensive, and at most life threatening.

The Drive a 4WD vehicle in difficult terrain using advanced techniques – bush terrain program is a full day Nationally Recognised Course for licensed drivers, which focuses on building effective techniques to safely  operate a 4WD vehicle off road in difficult terrain.

This course can be readily tailored to suit individual clients’ specific requirements.

Description: This course covers the skills and knowledge required to use appropriate range, gears and techniques to drive a four wheel drive vehicle through and over different terrain and apply basic vehicle recovery techniques.

Aim: The aim of this course is to familiarise drivers of the key features, capabilities and limitations of their off road capable vehicle whilst developing a clear understanding of the correct and safe use of a 4WD vehicle in an off road situation, where protection of their passengers, the vehicle and the environment, can be demonstrated.

Low range 4wd Bush Course

Teaching Elements
Functions of a 4WD vehicle (types of 4wd vehicles, basic knowledge on how a 4WD works and when to use high & low range),
Ground clearance,  Tyres and tyre  pressures,
Plan for minimal environmental impact,
Essential and emergency 4WD equipment.
Trip preparation.

Vehicle Inspection & pre-departure checks,
Vehicle blind areas, turning circle and drivers seating position,
Ground appreciation and wheel printing,
Use the features of a four-wheel drive vehicle to drive in a variety of bush terrain,
Ascents, descents, mud & water fording,
Emergency Stall/Start procedure,
Safe and correct use of a snatch strap and Maxtrax.



What happens on the day?

4wd course gift certificateTimes:   8.00am to 3.00 pm approximately.

The day is practical “hands on” with a gradual increase in degree of difficulty, as the day progresses. 

What do I need to bring?
Bring your own 4WD with not less than half a tank of fuel.  You are also welcome to bring your vehicle intended travelling weight.

Meals:    Bring along a morning tea, light lunch (a sandwich is ideal) and adequate drinking water.

Chairs:   Folding chair is optional.                

Clothing: Outdoor attire, hat, covered footwear sunscreen. Wet weather equipment (just incase).

Saturday – check the training dates below.

Corporate/group bookings, on request.

Training Areas:
Kurwongbah, North of Brisbane

Site specific, including Kogan, Mackay, Rockhampton, Cairns, for group bookings

Group bookings:
Site Specific, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Cairns, Newcastle

Numbers apply

Corporate or Group Bookings
We can plan and conduct group or corporate specific courses, on request.  Please contact us for further information.

Training Handbook.
Ongoing advice and support.
Partner is welcome to have a drive.

 A 10% discount applies for bookings on both the Bush and Sand Course on the same weekend.  

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