Using Hayman Reese Tow Bar

Hayman Reese Tow BarReference: Discussions with representatives at Hayman Reese & Australian 4WD 

Hayman Reese and Australian 4WD do not endorse using the towbar as a recovery point.  That said, it doesn’t say you can’t either.

It was pointed out by one of the representatives that Hayman Reese don’t endorse, nor will they ever, the use of a bike rack on a tow bar either, yet they sell them.

Australian 4WD practices and advise that the safest option is to fit a front and rear rated recovery hooks, bolted to the chassis of the vehicle.  The general consensus (HR representatives) was that there is no issue at all using either the tow bar itself for recovery or the pin to secure the snatch strap. It was mentioned by one HR representative that he has and does use the tow bar for that purpose and was adamant that he had never heard of any damage to their product  (fitted properly) as a result of it’s use in this manner.

There are products that are design to be fitted within the tow ball housing with a hook bolted to it or a 4.7t Bow Shackle attached, as pictured.

The Towbar assembly has a complience plate that includes a rating..

Never use the tow ball. The tow ball is design for a downward hitching.